"It is never too late to live your dream"

 San Antonio LoneStars  Baseball


60+ San Antonio LoneStars VS  ????

Season Over

Uniform all year will be Grey Pants,

Blue Sleeveless Jerseys,

Red Belts with Grey Caps

If you can't make these games please contact

Bill Rector or Joel Morley by email or phone


*Denotes 47+Team

**Denotes 57+Team

***Denotes Both Teams

***#21 Norman (JayJay) Bailey   **#40 Rufus Miller

***#39 Bill Rector   ***#27 George Morales

*#4 Juan Ahumada   ***#31 Ron Placenti

***#22 Steve Warnock   ***#24 Mike Anderson

**#55 Dan Coleman   ***#7 Melvin Hayes

**#20 Mike Coy   ***#8 Joel Morley

**#9 Bob Forties   **#13 Barney Owens

**#33 Bill Chichester   **#11 Daniel Florio

**#25 Keith Thomas   ***#88 Andy Bowie

***#26 Emerson Hayes   **#3 Clyde Beaird

*#37 David Cupit   *#2 Pat Bernal

*#44 Mike Surls   ***#5 Santiago Gonzales

*#34 Mark Harless   *#9 Glen Lane

***#22 Steve Warnock   *#17 Phil Underwood

*Dave Minchow   *Jack Alberty

*Phil Galloway   *Robert Calvert

*Mike Smollen   *Dave Thrall

*Tim O'Brien   *Steve Mahenny

**Tim Pundt **Wayne Hand

the leaderS in adult baseball

Post Game Report

Baseball is America's pastime, so it shouldn't come as any surprise that players want to keep their uniforms even when they outgrow them. Don't worry about being an adult -- our team cater to the 47-and-over crowd: people who love the game so much, they can't let it go, and catching fly balls in the ballparks isn't enough. Our weekend and travel games puts us in contact with old friends, coaches and other players from around the world. This game teaches us fundamentals and retain that connection to the game we know and love so much.

The 65+ LoneStars won on10/14/17 by the score of 9-0 over the USA Patriots at the NABA World Series in Phoenix, AZ.  The win gives us the 2017 Championship in the 65+ Division.   

Way to go 65+ LoneStars.

The 55+ LoneStars won on 10/14/17 by the score of 6-2 over the San Diego Black Sox at the NABA World Series in Phoenix, AZ.  The win gives us the 2017 Championship in the 58+ Division. 

Way to go 58+ LoneStars. 

The 60+ LoneStars lost on 11/4/17 by the score of 9-5 to the Sacramento Tribe in the MSBL world Series in Phoenix, AZ.  This was the first lost by the LoneStars in a Championship game.  This is the end to the 2017 season.  We will be back next year.  Way to go 60+ LoneStars.